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SC2007 Secrets of the Sea and Shore: An Introduction to Marine Biology is a Course

SC2007 Secrets of the Sea and Shore: An Introduction to Marine Biology

Ended 1 Mar 2021

Sorry! The enrolment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Course Overview

This course is designed for budding marine biologists with a special emphasis on the seas around Ireland. I want you to able to explore the things we discuss in class! The course will begin with a general introduction to the ocean including, its currents, zones, tides and water composition. The remainder of the class will focus on ocean organisms with an emphasis on their adaptations and behavior. Maybe you would like to explore the beach with your kids and tell them about the creatures that you find there. Or perhaps you want to know more about the whales and dolphins than can be seen in the seas around Ireland. In this course we will explore everything from creatures that lurk in the deepest trenches to the seaweed that washes ashore on the beach. After this class you should be able to tell your kids what a blobfish is, describe why whales are able to float and discuss with your colleagues how likely it is that you will be attacked by a shark in Ireland and most importantly what you can do to protect our oceans! I love the ocean, and I want to share my curiosity, passion and enthusiasm for the seas that surround us with you.


Course Schedule 


Classes will be delivered online on Mondays 7-9pm for six weeks from 25 January to 1 March.


Week one: Introduction to the ocean 

Week two: Special ecosystems: the rocky shore, coral reefs, etc. 

Week three: Marine invertebrates and fish including sharks

Week four: Creatures of the deep, birds and reptiles 

Week five: Marine mammals 

Week six: Human impacts on our oceans, biodiversity awareness, invasive species

Course Lecturer

Dr Courtney Collins is a postdoctoral researcher at UCC. Courtney is a zoologist and her areas of interest include zoo research, human-animal interactions, marine biology and animal behaviour. Courtney has over 15 years of experience teaching children science inside and outside the classroom. She also gives lectures in animal behaviour at third level and supervises several undergraduate research students. Courtney lives by the ocean and is passionate about protecting the sea, raising biodiversity awareness and educating others about conserving the natural world.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must be at least 18 years old at course commencement.


Short courses are not assessed. Students will receive a UCC Certificate of Attendance upon completion.

Closing Date for Application

Monday 18 January

Contact Details for Further Information

Regina Sexton, Phone: 021-4904700, Email: