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SC2002 Confident Communication: Enhance your Public Speaking, Presentation and Communication Skills

Ended 15 Mar 2021

Sorry! The enrolment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Course Overview

Effective presentation and communication skills are a critical element in our personal lives and our career development. Yet, for many of us, finding our voice and using that voice in public is a struggle.

Whether you are preparing for an upcoming personal or professional speaking event, or you have steadily avoided such opportunities until now, this course is relevant for you. This six-week course will focus on the development of practical skills which will focus on building your confidence in public speaking and in making a presentation, in both face-to face and on-line situations.  You will learn the techniques required to plan and deliver your presentation, how to control anxiety and grow your self-belief, and how to make your presentations interesting and effective. Using an interactive format with exercises, individual coaching and feedback, this course will give you the toolkit to grow your confidence and become an effective communicator.

Public Speaking has been widely documented as the number one fear of all humans! This course is ideal for anyone looking to overcome self-doubt and gain confidence when addressing an audience.  You will learn a range of practical tools and techniques to enhance your communication and presentation abilities. Having completed this course, you will feel more confident in making a speech, delivering a presentation and in your everyday oral communication. 

This course will start with a training needs assessment so that the content can be tailored to meet your needs.  The interactive and practical nature of the course will help you develop your skills, with constructive feedback from the facilitator and peer group throughout the six weeks. You can also avail of a one-to-one presentation skills coaching session as part of the programme. Participation is success and there is always an informal and supportive atmosphere within the group. 

Course Schedule 


Classes will be delivered online on Mondays 7-9pm for eight weeks from 25 January to 15 March.

Week 1

Introductions and Objectives

Who are you and what do you want from the course? Course overview and needs analysis and outline of some fundamental principles of communication and presentations followed by an introductory practical exercise and feedback.

Week 2

Communication Styles and Establishing Rapport

Awareness of your body language, of how you behave under pressure, what signals you are unconsciously giving, how nerves and stress affect you physically. This session will include practical relaxation exercises and confidence building techniques

Week 3

Preparing your Message

Capturing your audience through effective presentations (including brainstorming and organizing ideas, tailoring content to a specific audience, and stimulating audience interest)

Week 4

Presenting your Message 1

The uses of storytelling and using language to make your message memorable; tailoring your presentation for the audience, using visual and other presentation aids. This will include techniques to overcome nerves and self-doubt. 

Week 5

 Presenting your Message 2

This week will focus on the practicalities of speaking and presenting without the opportunity to prepare and using improvisation techniques to build confidence in speaking in groups. We will also cover what to watch out for when presenting in an online setting.

Week 6

Putting it All Together

Practice, coaching and feedback on delivering your message confidently and fluently to different audiences

Week 7 & 8

One-to one course coaching sessions with participants. 

The course will be delivered in the form of practical and interactive online workshops. Participants will be asked to focus on real life situations where they are required to speak publicly, communicate formally or make presentations.

Each session will give you the opportunity to develop your skills in a fun environment through online individual and group activities and notes and resources are emailed after each session. By the end of the course you will be equipped with a full practical toolkit of communications tips and strategies.

Course Lecturer

This course will be delivered by Ms Michelle Nelson. Michelle has over 20 years’ experience in the areas of languages and cross-cultural communication, teaching and business administration and has recently completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Personal and Management Coaching.  Michelle has presented nationally and internationally to a range of different audiences, from second-level students to senior management teams in the public sector.  

Entry Requirements

Applicants must be at least 18 years old at course commencement.


Short courses are not assessed. Students will receive a UCC Certificate of Attendance upon completion.

Closing Date for Application

Monday 18 January

Contact Details for Further Information

Regina Sexton, Phone: 021-4904700, Email: