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ACE2367 Perceiving Interconnection: The Philosophy of Interdependence (Evening, online delivery only) is a Course

ACE2367 Perceiving Interconnection: The Philosophy of Interdependence (Evening, online delivery only)

Starts Feb 1, 2023

Sorry! The enrolment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Course Outline

This course will explore the cultural, religious, and educational factors which have fostered a way of explaining the world by carving it up into categories, often creating a dualistic and fragmented perception of reality which is reinforced in our education systems. This course will be of particular interest to educators and those with a general interest in learning about the factors behind our often divided view of the world (e.g. science v. religion, East v. West, man v. nature, mental v. physical) such as religious texts (e.g. the Book of Genesis), influential works of philosophy (e.g. Cartesian Dualism), and non- reflective practices (e.g. science and technology as the main channels of human progress). We will explore the social and ecological consequences of the dualistic view and compare it with case studies of worldviews which have a more interdependent, interconnected view of reality; indigenous traditions, Zen Buddhism, Irish folklore and more. This course explores multiple examples of how our beliefs shape our behaviours, how we often assume aspects of human experience of which we should be more sceptical, and demonstrates ways in which our destructive tendencies are rooted in how we are educated.


Course Schedule

This course will take place between 7-9pm, for 8 weeks. 1 Febuary to 22 March 2023

Online via Microsoft Teams

Closing date for applications Monday 23 January 2023   

Content and Themes:

Week 1: Origins of Separation (Genesis, Plato, Rationalism, Reductionism)

Week 2: Consequences of Separation (Disconnection from nature and animistic/naturalistic vision.

Week 3: Commodification and destruction of nature and the ‘us v. them’ paradigm)

Week 4: Interdependence in Indigenous Thought (Aboriginal myth, Lakota tribe, Celtic wisdom)

Week 5: ‘Reality’ as Illusion (Hindu parables, Zen Buddhist insight wisdom)

Week 6: Interconnection with Nature (John Moriarty : “The will to independent, separate existence is what ails us.”)

Week 7 & 8: Applying the Principles of Interdependence (Ecology/Environmentalism. Social and international conflicts)


Course Lecturer

Dr Kevin J. Power is a Cork-born philosophy teacher based in Castlegregory, Co. Kerry. Since receiving his PhD from University College Cork in 2015 he has lectured in philosophy of mind, environmental ethics, philosophy of death and dying, as well as writing and delivering the unique modules 'The Philosophy of Interdependence' and ‘A Mind For Our Times: The Living Legacy of John Moriarty’ for UCC's Adult Continuing Education programme and 'The Great Story', an introductory philosophy course through the Dingle Creativity and Innovation Hub. Kevin is currently adjunct philosophy instructor for Sacred Hear University’s Dingle Campus and a member of the John Moriarty Institute for Spirituality and Ecology.

Kevin's work is available through his website


Entry Requirements

Applicants must be at least 18 years old at course commencement.


Short courses are not assessed. Students will receive a UCC Certificate of Attendance upon completion.

Closing Date for Applications

Monday 23 January 2023

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