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ACE2289 MidWest - CPD1717 is a Course

ACE2289 MidWest - CPD1717

Started Apr 28, 2022

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Full course description


The course will introduce students to the ‘Trauma-informed care’ approach as a response to addressing relational and developmental trauma in children and young people. The course will focus on both developing students understanding of the approach’s theoretical principles and application. The course has a strong practical orientation using case examples, experiential exercises and reflective engagement to promote a dynamic experience of exploring concepts with the student. The course will examine the theoretical base of Trauma-informed care in an accessible and applicable way with attention to the neurobiology of the stress response system, attachment trauma and resiliency theories. The course will also support students in application of the approach providing an introduction to Trauma-informed care methods of intervention. Skills development will focus on supporting children and young people to developing psychological safety, positive relationships and resilience. The course will also explore students critical thinking on the impact of ‘working with trauma’ and developing strategies that will support them in working with and/or caring for children and young people who have experienced trauma.

Who teaches this course?

This course is taught by Maria Lotty, PhD. Maria developed this course based on the findings of her doctoral studies and her 20 years professional front-line experience in working with children and families as a social worker. She has worked mainly in foster care  but also in child protection,  as a social care leader and youth worker both in Ireland and the UK. Maria is author of Fostering Connections: The Trauma-informed Foster Care Programme.